Pictures that Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Acts of kindness and generosity.

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Pictures that Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Every once in a while, we need to be reminded that there are wonderful, kind and generous people in the world. Despite all the bad news, we need to constantly reinforce that as humans, we can still be good to each other, and bring more positivity into our lives.

Let's all be inspired by the actions of these wonderful people:

1. This friendly person offered free electricity for people to charge their gadgets after Superstorm Sandy

2. This cleaners did a favour for the struggling unemployed individuals in their city

3. A policeman offers socks and warm boots to a homeless man in New York

4. This Turkish baker gives out loaves for free

5. This Subway does its bit for the homeless

6. Cyclists give water to a thirsty Koala during an Australian heatwave

7. This Wendy's employee uses a table umbrella to protect an old man from the rain


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