Pixel Pilots: Review - Plane Dogfight

Score: 3/10

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Pixel Pilots: Review - Plane Dogfight

Score: 3/10


  • Good music
  • Simplistic gameplay


  • No pause screen
  • Ads to replay

Checking the new games section, you might take a look at the screenshots and think that this game might be worth a try. Unfortunately, what you see is all that you get, a bare bones plane dogfighting game where you control and spin a plane to shoot down enemy planes.

The game is barebones, with no health pickups, no different weapons and giant bullets.The enemy planes move quickly, making all shots against enemies a matter of luck instead of skill. The 'shoot' button only shoots one bullet, which makes it unusable as you need to fire bullets continuously. There is no pause screen, and replaying after your plane gets destroyed is greeted by an ad. You can fly in one direction continuously and will encounter no enemies, nor the ground.

Still, since it's so bare bones, it's a game that you can play while offline and you can remove the ads. It's a game you can idle in for a while without worrying about progression or login rewards.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

Download on Google Play

Price: Free



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