Playing the Classic Plants vs Zombies 2 Is A Wild Walk in The Garden

Tower defence game using magical plants.

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Playing the Classic Plants vs Zombies 2 Is A Wild Walk in The Garden

Plants vs Zombies is not a new game, and the first version was released in 2009 by PopCap games for the mobile platform. It was included as an introductory game for many Android phones, as well as Apple phones. It became one of the most addictive games to hit the mobile platform due to the simple yet completely mesmerizing gameplay.

In 2013, PopCap released Plants vs Zombies 2 with even more features in the gameplay. One of the first things you'll realize is the introduction of new 'worlds' , including Ancient Egypt, the Wild West and Pirate Seas. You'll start off at level one in Ancient Egypt, and once you complete certain levels there, you'll unlock the next world and so on.

Rather than just defending your own house lawn, you now get to defend an Egyptian lawn and a Pirate Deck, among others. If this is your first time playing the game, or you need some jolts to your memory, Crazy Dave will guide you through the basics, which includes how to plant your collection of magical plants to stop the zombies reaching the end.

Almost every level you complete will earn you new plants with new abilities, but you only get a certain quota of plants to use at the start of every level based on the amount of sunshine you have, and will have to wait to plant more. So early strategy is important.

The game is great for killing time, but can be a tad bit frustrating, especially when you reach the upper levels and just can't seem to take down the unending hordes of zombies. If you do hit a brick wall, there are strategy guides online that can help, or you can move on and play a new world that's just been unlocked.

The amount of zombies in this game version will blow your mind, with different versions for each new world you play. As the levels progress they'll be harder and harder to kill. One good thing is that PopCap adds new worlds every now and then to keep things current and exciting. In essence,  if you download the game, it will expand and keep you occupied for a very long time.


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