Pocket Gems Ties in 'Clueless' as One of Its Episode Stories

Relive the 90s with this coming of age tale.

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Pocket Gems Ties in 'Clueless' as One of Its Episode Stories

Pocket Gems is the game developers behind 'Episodes', a choose-your-own story gaming app series aimed at young women and girls. Many of their stories are romantic in nature or involve young women struggling to achieve their dreams.

Episodes is a free to play game with various stories and each story has its own set of chapters. Players can make in-game purchases of more 'gems' in order to obtain more attractive choices while the game progresses.

In the past, Pocket Gems have adapted many well loved teen coming of age movies into interactive comic book style games, including Mean Girls, Pitch Perfect and Pretty Little Liars. Now however, they're bringing one of the 90s best loved teen movie 'Clueless' to the interactive platform.

The Episodes app has over 3 billion views on its story chapters, with more than 50,000 full story experiences. Now, players will be able to play 'Clueless: School's Out'. 

In this new Clueless tie in, players pick up the story where the 1995 movie left off. They'll follow Cher and Amber as they enter their sophomore year in high school and embark on a Summer internship with a famous fashion designer.

When asked why Pocket Gems decided to bring 'Clueless' back after two decades, Michael Dawson who is the head of the Episodes studios stated that it was a definitive movie for teens in the nineties, so including it was a no brainer.

You can find Episodes on both the Apple App Store and Google Play for free. Just download the app and search in the story library for Clueless: School's Out.

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