Pokemon Go Facing Server Issues While Equinox Event is Going On

Niantic in the process of resolving it.

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Pokemon Go Facing Server Issues While Equinox Event is Going On

Pokemon Go players all over the world have been reporting issues with the Pokemon Go game and many have had problems logging in. The server seems to still be unstable and players are experiencing intermittent periods where they are unable to play with a short period where the game functions as usual.

Niantic has announced through their official Twitter page that they are aware of the issue and are looking into it, and working on resolving the situation.

via Pokemon Go official Twitter

Thus far, Niantic has not announced the reason for these logging in issues. However, some players are of the opinion that Niantic servers are being overwhelmed as they prepare the release a new generation of Pokemons.

However, this remains a rumour. Right now, Pokemon Go is running and Equinox event that will last until October 2nd.  Players can get double stardust when catching any Pokemon and eggs hatching during this time will be rare Pokemons. There's also special egg incubators for sale that will hatch your eggs way faster than usual. 

Cover image via Pokemon GO


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