Pokemon GO Fest Postponed

Niantic made several blunders at a recent event.

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Pokemon GO Fest Postponed

Niantic, the company behind the immensely popular augmented reality game Pokemon GO has been forced to postpone the European leg of its live events as the first event in Chicago was plagued by technical difficulties and issues.

The first Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago saw long lines, with people waiting for up to three hours as well as many technical errors. The event saw over 20,000 people turn up, wanting to capture a rare legendary Pokemon only available at the event.

The problems in Chicago caused fans to feel disappointed and frustrated, and some have even mounted a class action law suit against the organizers. Niantic CEO John Hanke has offered refunds to participants and given a sincere apology. Apparently the network and servers were overwhelmed by the sheer number of people in that one spot, leading to many not being able to play the game fully.

This debacle has apparently caused Niantic to put on hold other planned Pokemon GO Fests in Copenhagen. Prague, Stockholm and Amsterdam slated for the month of August 2017. However, to appease their European fans, a rare Pokemon has been released in the area.

So far Niantic has not announced when they will resume the Pokemon Go Fests, but they've assured fans they'll return once they fix their server load and network issues.

Cover image via Pokemon.com

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