Pokemon GO Turns One With A Host of Activities For Fans

Several in-game event in the works.

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Pokemon GO Turns One With A Host of Activities For Fans

The worldwide phenomenal mobile game Pokemon Go is turning one on July 6th and its developers Niantic is planning a whole slew of activities, both online and in the real world. Pokemon Go broke the record when it clocked in a profit of USD 600 million in just 90 days. 

The Pokemon Go first anniversary event will kick off with an online event by Niantic from June 13th to June 20th where there will be more fire-type and ice-type Pokemon to catch and fill your backpack, and even stand a chance to evolve your current fire and ice-type Pokemon by collecting more candy.

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The event also lets you earn more points when you perform certain Pokeball throws and allows you to buy Lucky eggs at a discount. Additionally, fans in Chicago will be able to participate in a real world event on June 19th called the Pokemon Go Fest. Apparently Niantic will be releasing a new group gameplay mechanic at this event and the attendees will be the first to try it out. 

It's time to get excited wherever in the world you are, as there seems to be much more surprises on Pokemon Go that Niantic has in store for players. 

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