Pokemon: Magicarp Jump Soft Launch

Starring your favourite floppy fish Pokemon.

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Pokemon: Magicarp Jump Soft Launch

Magicarp has been affectionately called 'the weakest Pokemon there ever was'. This may be a misnomer, but many people do feel that the floppy fish-like Pokemon is only good when it's given enough candy to evolve into the dragon Gyarados, which looks intimidating and is a common Pokemon often brought into gym battles.

Well, it now seems rather odd that Magicarp has been made the main character in The Pokemon Company's latest game, called Pokemon: Magicarp Jump. As we all know, The Pokemon Company is a sister company to Nintendo which has majority stake in it. 

The game has now been released in Italy. Some footage of the game has been released, but it's only available in Italian now. 

The only way to play the game is to get an Italian account, but if you're fluent in Italian, you'll be able to play this pet simulator game where you capture Magicarp and train it by going on various quests. Along the way, you'll be able to obtain various other Pokemon to help your Magicarp develop.

via Toucharcade

You'll also discover through this game that Magicarp come in various sizes, age and colours. It would appear that Magicarps aren't 'The most useless Pokemon Ever' and this game is really out there to change our opinions of this flopping fishy Pokemon. If this soft launch goes well, we'll definitely see Pokemon: Magicarp Jump in online stores soon.


Cover image via bgr.com

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