Prime Peaks: Review - Challenging Hill Climbing Game

Score: 7.5/10

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Prime Peaks: Review - Challenging Hill Climbing Game

Score: 7.5/10


  • 12 different vehicle types to use, each with their own unique characteristics.
  • Upgrades
  • Map design
  • Background map has five different themes.
  • Well balanced
  • Challenging


  • Ads, which are thankfully skip-able

Prime Peaks is a game that pulls no punches. Straight off from level 2, you are given a map that will take you multiple tries to conquer. Patience and endurance is the key, as well as proper usage of your vehicle's gas.

The game play is easy. You are given a gas and a reverse pedal, and you have to move from the left to the end point on the right using these buttons. If your vehicle is in the air, the pedals will rotate your vehicle counterclockwise and clockwise respectively. It sounds easy, but when you use this mechanic in actual gameplay, the game gets difficult as you have to predict the alignment of your car as it leaps off a cliff and the approach you will take when you meet the ground. If your rider makes contact with the ground, it's game over. 

With the numerous bumps and the need to speed up in order to climb up hills, the game becomes a challenge as you have to be careful to not hold the gas button too much, and accidentally flipping the vehicle when you hit a bump. Each vehicle can be upgraded, and the cost of upgrades compared to the amount you obtain is very fair. Unlocking new vehicles cost in-game currency, which can easily be earned in five plays.

In conclusion, the constant balance between speed, survival and reward makes Prime Peaks a very satisfying game to play.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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