Professor Layton's Daughter Takes Over in New Mystery Game Release

Another new mystery puzzle game from the Professor Layton franchise.

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Professor Layton's Daughter Takes Over in New Mystery Game Release

Nintendo released a mystery puzzle game before the advent of mobile gaming starring an animated character called Professor Layton for Nintendo DS and 3DS. It was very well received and its developer, Level 5, released a total of seven main games and two spin offs.

The only Professor Laytan game to make it to mobile before this was Layton Brother's Mystery Room. Now however, Level 5 is releasing a main title from the series straight to mobile, with plans to only release it to the traditional Nintendo DS platform at a later date.

This time the game is called Layton's Mystery Journey : Katrielle and the Millionaire's Conspiracy. The Katrielle mentioned here is Professor Layton's daughter, who's now tackling a case of her own.

As with all the previous Layton titles, this one also features anime cut-scenes and Katrielle is accompanied by a sidekick, just like Luke Triton accompanied her father. Only this time, the sidekick is a talking dog named Sherl.

The puzzles are challenging, but extremely satisfying to solve. Since its available on mobile, perhaps it's time to give it a shot.

Cover image via Gematsu

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