Puzzle Fighter: Quick Review - Unbalanced Puzzle PvP

Match gems together to punch people.

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Puzzle Fighter: Quick Review - Unbalanced Puzzle PvP

Score: 7/10


  • Mulltiple characters from different series such as Dead rising and Darksiders
  • Good music.
  • Game speeds up the longer the match goes on.


  • You will need to play 10 PvP games before you will start winning.
  • Very unbalanced
  • Pay to win

It's a simple play-style, match gems to create blocks and then crash them to remove them from your screen and to add them to your opponent. It's still a bad idea that you will have to play 10 PvP matches before you can utilize a full team, and thus, your loss is assured until you do so.

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Price: Free

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