Ragnarok Comes to Mobile in the Form of an Idle Game

Ragnarok: Idle Poring maintains many of the online version's features.

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Ragnarok Comes to Mobile in the Form of an Idle Game

Ragnarok now has a mobile version, and it's called Ragnarok: Idle Poring. The game is an officially licensed mobile version that features the Ragnarok online universe. As its name suggests, most of the activities happen while the game is in idle mode and players only need to make decisions during certain important times throughout the gameplay.

This would give players more time to interact among themselves, make new friends and share game strategies and methods. 

The game will feature many elements from the Ragnarok Online version, including character designs, soundtracks, jobs, attires and more. It also includes some new gaming elements, like the ability to search and acquire pet companions, and the 'Arena'  mode to face off with other players in a PvP combat.

Ragnarok Idle Poring is out now for free on both iOS and Android devices, so if you're an MMORPG fan, this is your chance to bring the game with your wherever you go.

Cover image via this YouTube video

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