Ragnarok Mobile Will Go Global By the End of This Year

The MMORPG that has taken the world by storm.

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Ragnarok Mobile Will Go Global By the End of This Year

Ragnarok Online is a name that is synonymous with MMMORPG gaming and was created by the Korean company GRAVITY Co. based on a manhwa or Korean comic of the same name. In 2002, Ragnarok was released as a free to play online game for Microsoft Windows and garnered a huge following in many countries around the world.

Since then, a mobile version has been released, developed by Chinese company, Shanghai Dream network Technology Co. Ltd and their publishers Xindong Network. Originally, Ragnarok Mobile was only released in China, but now GRAVITY Co. is in talks with their Chinese counterparts to prepare the game for global release.

This means that Ragnarok Mobile will be made available in several languages including English. The plan is to first release the game in Taiwan and Hong Kong, followed by South Korea and South East Asia all by the end 2017.

There has been no announcements about releasing Ragnarok Mobile to western countries just yet, but if it performs well in Asia, this is definitely a possibility in the coming years. 

In conjunction with the release of Ragnarok Mobile, several upgrades have also been announced for players in China, including new classes of Monks and Crusaders, new areas to explore, new cooking options and much more.

Cover image via Encyclopedia Gamia

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