Rating food by how easy it is to eat them while gaming

Out of a scale of 10, how easy is it to eat these food while gaming?

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Rating food by how easy it is to eat them while gaming

Picture the scene, you have a Nintendo 3ds in hand, but at the same time, you are starving for some food, so off you go in search for something to eat, but at the same time, this court case in Phoenix Wright is so engrossing that you don't want to put the console down.

If you do not know what to eat, we are here to help.


Image via Burger King

Score: 7/10

Easily carry able, and you can continue gaming without an issue. You can even hold it with your teeth if you need a second hand. The only issue is that it's not that satisfying, but that's easily solved with a second burger.

Giant Burger

Image via Burger King

Score: 6/10

Giant burgers that you can't buy anymore in Burger King due to the declining quality. It is close to impossible to hold these in one hand, but you can still take a bite, put it down and continue playing. Scoring at 6 due to satisfaction on your stomach.

French Fries

Image via today.com

Score: 8/10

The classic french fries that's both delicious and great as a snack. Unfortunately tends to get you fat, but otherwise, a perfect gaming food.


Image via Texas Chicken

Score: 5/10

A satisffying meal that you can eat one handed as long as you watch out for the oil that sticks to your fingers. The need to be careful to not get oil on your console as well as the need to ensure you do not touch the console with the two greasy fingers gives chicken a score of 5.


Image via Food Network

Score: 3/10

It is close to impossible to eat this with one hand. The dripping oil, the sizzling sauce and the need to cut it up before biting into it gives steak a score of 3 if you wish to play your game while eating.

Fish and chips

Image via Take Stock Magazine

Score: 6/10

As long as you don't mind looking like a barbarian, you can use one fork to hold the entire fish and eat it. If you want to appear more polite, you can take a few seconds to cut it up before using a hand to eat it. The addition of chips is natural, and gives the entire meal a score of 6.


Image via Seriouseats

Score:  Dry 10/10 Soup 7/10

Pasta or noodles are a good choice in this situation. They can easily be eaten with one hand, taste delicous, and comes in both dry and soup variety for variation. There's minimal chance of getting your console dirty, as long as you are not using a plastic fork.


Image via Chucks donuts

Score: 7/10

A quick bite into savory tastes, donuts are a solid alternative to munch on while gaming. Coming in many different variety and flavors, they are often packed in individual packets, which means that they often do not leave a mess to clean up. A solid pick.


You should look for burgers, french fries, donuts or pasta if you wish to dine while you game. 


Cover Image via BBC.com

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