RIDE ZERO: Review - Rhythm Game

Score: 9/10

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RIDE ZERO: Review - Rhythm Game

Score: 9/10


  • Great music
  • Good Options menu with customization of VFX, SFX and different menu and song volumes
  • Good art
  • Characters from Crusaders Quest
  • Hard and Insane difficulty unlocked from the very start.
  • All songs will never require more than 2 finger at any time.
  • No ads.
  • No Equipment system


  • Grind required, removable via Microtransactions
  • Some music aren't properly synced with note taps, and are sync to enemy destruction noises instead.

RIDE ZERO is a rhythm game that markets itself as a side story of Crusader Quest, but the game is good enough that it can stand on its own without any problem. Gameplay is simple with only taps, double taps, timing holds, location holds and multi taps being the five different type of notes in the game. There are no triple taps, and the location of most of your taps doesn't matter, just as long as it is done on the screen. Obtaining "Perfect" and "Good" in this game is much easier compared to other rhythm games, and the rewards that are obtained after each stage is sufficient to unlock more songs after a few plays.

The music genre in the game is mostly techno, dance and trance, though there are a few denpa and vocal tracks as well. Being a rhythm game, the note taps are well synchronized to the music, however, some music tracks synchronize the music to enemy destruction instead of your taps, which can throw some players off.

Being a RPG, it is impressive that there isn't an equipment system in the game. Instead, there are supporter cards. Each song has a list of four supporter cards that will assist your character with passive effects. These supporter cards are automatically equipped when you play songs, and are leveled via a 'card amount', akin to the leveling system in Clash Royale.

The English translation of the story appears to be well done, and the characters are like able. Unlocking more story is not hard as it is tied to 'number of songs played', which is fine as this gives players a goal to aim towards.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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