Rogue Sorcerer: Casual Roguelite Dungeon Crawler

A hyper casual roguelite RPG game with super simple controls. Play a selection of sorcerer characters including an extremely charismatic cat, enter dungeons, and unleash magic on monsters and enemy bosses.

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Rogue Sorcerer: Casual Roguelite Dungeon Crawler

Key Features:
- Collect random spells from monsters that you have defeated
- Choose your elements (Fire, Ice, or Lightning)
- Over 15 types of enemy monsters and bosses
- Over 240 levels
- 5 distinctly themed maps (Forest, Cave, Underwater, Iceworld, Dungeon)
- Upgrade Permanent Abilities to increase your stats
- You can only revive your character only once during each adventure
- If your character gets defeated the second time, you will have to start the adventure from the beginning of the most recent map which you unlocked

- Cato the Cat (starts with Fire Element and Vortex Shield)

- Mars the Cat (starts with Fire Element and Berserk)

- Lia the Sorceress (starts with Lightning Element and Reflect Damage)

- Fire
- Ice
- Lightning

Random Spells:
- Fire Storm
- Ice Floor
- Chain Lightning
- Lifesteal
- Raise Undead
- Poison
- Enhanced Damage
- Increased Attack Speed
- and many more

Random Permanent Abilities to upgrade character stats:
- Max HP
- Strike
- Defense
- Dexterity
- and many more

- Golems
- Poison Plants
- Lizards with Spears
- Cave Dwellers
- Sharks
- Poison Frogs
- Wrestling Crabs
- Goblins
- Orcs
- Giant Birds
- Twin Crystal Dragons
- and many more

- Forest
- Cave
- Underwater
- Iceworld
- Dungeon

Made by a small team of 4 people over the course of more than 1 year, this casual roguelite dungeon crawler game will definitely deliver lots of fun and relaxing gameplay sessions.

Rogue Sorcerer - Download MEOW!


Free to download on Google Play.

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