Scientists Come Together and Make Educational Mobile Game 'BioBlox'

It teaches us about proteins and other molecules.

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Scientists Come Together and Make Educational Mobile Game 'BioBlox'

In a rather strange twist of events, scientists are now coming out of their labs and making mobile games. This time, a group of academicians from the Imperial College of London and Goldsmiths University of London are stepping out of their comfortable laboratory settings and designing a game very much like Tetris.

This game, called BioBlox, is meant to be an educational yet entertaining way to teach lay people about proteins and protein docking, which is how proteins interact with other molecules in our body like vitamins and lipids.

via Imperial College London

Players are expected to fit the protein blocks and 'dock' them in correct positions to gain points and race against the clock. The researchers who designed this game have released it as a free to play game to educate the public about the complexities and difficulties behind protein based drug research, especially in the field of protein based drugs for Alzheimers.

Apart from being purely educational, it's also meant to be a fun game, so you're free to pick it up and just play it like any other puzzle game.

Cover image via Biomedox

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