'Sea Hero Quest' Mobile Game is Helping to Diagnose Dementia

A collaboration between game developers and doctors.

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'Sea Hero Quest' Mobile Game is Helping to Diagnose Dementia

In a rare collaboration, mobile game studio Glitchers is working with neuroscientists from University College, London and the University of East Anglia on a game that can collect data to help diagnose dementia.

One of the first signs of dementia is the loss of spactial navigation and the first step in determining what is abnormal is to establish what the normal and acceptable range of spatial control is. This is where Glitchers' game Sea Hero Quest comes in. The mobile game, which was launched in autumn 2016, has garnered almost 3 million downloads and is already providing much needed data to the neuroscientists.

The game is made of many small quests where players have to navigate a ship through various waterways and the system logs in your spatial perception and memory abilities that are accessed through a series of tests

Players' performances will help scientists decide what deterioration in spatial navigation looks like. Apart from that, the game is allowing scientists to see differences in how men and women approach the game, and observe how spatial navigation deterioration can begin as early as 19 years of age.

These and other important data about human memory and spatial perception would not be possible without the cooperation of players around the world. If you too would like to help science through gaming, you can check out Sea Hero Quest for free on both Android and iOS.


Cover image via Saatchi&Saatchi

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