Watch How These American Children React to Chinese Food

More eloquent than most food critics.


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Watch How These American Children React to Chinese Food


For some of us, Chinese food is an everyday experience. Fried rice, minced meat pao, roasted duck and the like are common food at our tables. However, for these kids growing up on a diet of pizza, mashed potatoes and fried chicken, all these are strange and exotic meals. 

You'll be surprised at their reactions:

The verdict was very clear. Not all the kids enjoyed Chinese cuisine, except for one little fellow whose mom was Chinese and who was familiar with the food as he'd had some in China. He's also heard chatting to his mom in Mandarin. His candor quickly made him a viewer favourite.

It's pretty interesting to read the comments too, and see the mixed reactions of viewers. Some people thought these kids were being cute, while others were offended that they didn't show respect to foreign cuisine. Well folks, kids will be kids.

Incidentally, you'll also want to watch this video from the React channel, where kids are given some tofu. Hilarity ensues as many of them don't even know what tofu is:

So if you're a parent or have nieces and nephews, the lesson we can all learn is that it's important to expose kids early to cuisine of various cultures, so that they'll make healthy diet choices later on in life.




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