SEGA Forever Hits Major Snag After Just Several Days of Release

Criticisms from major game reviewers.

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SEGA Forever Hits Major Snag After Just Several Days of Release

SEGA Forever was launched just over a week ago to much hype and fanafare, with 5 free to play titles from their previous platforms being ported to mobile. Unfortunately in such a short time, the entire project has been met with some criticism, as players have found that the porting was less than ideal.

The response to all of Sega Forever's games have been lukewarm at best, with many complaints pouring in about the quality of the game ports. Among the complaints are that games crash or hang, lagging game mechanic, numerous bugs plaguing the gameplay and an inability to save the game midway. 

Players are also unhappy that the free version features a lot of badly timed advertisements. For example, as they're about to strike an enemy, the game stops and they're forced to watch an entire video before being allowed to continue.

The various stakeholders of the SEGA Forever project are apparently scrambling to point fingers at each other for the weak performance of the games, while also struggling to improve the game's performance. 

We tried to play several of the games offered, especially Phantasy Star II and found similar problems as stated by other players. it was difficult to go past the start screen and had terrible controls.

You can always download any of the free games including Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, Comix Zone and Strikers 1999 and try them out for yourselves. Let us know in the comments how you fared and whether the game performed better for you.

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