Selfies That Failed Big Time

Sometimes, things just turn out wrong.

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Selfies That Failed Big Time

Selfies are one of the hallmarks of this generation, and will probably continue for a long time. Selfie culture came about with the advent of the smartphone and the back camera, which allowed people to take their own pictures easily.

Since then, it became almost a must for everyone to document themselves, especially if they're experiencing something special. However, some selfies just don't go as planned. Here are some selfies that turned out really awkward, and made many people chuckle:

1. A toilet bowl is probably not the best place for a selfie

2. That camel just had to spoil it!

3. When your cat just isn't into it

4. And this cat is also out to ruin his master's selfie

5. This guy tried to fool the internet into thinking his girlfriend took a picture of him, but was soon found out

6. Again, cats that don't like selfies



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