Shadowverse - An analysis on Lord Atomy

What happened? How did Otomeme become Otometa?

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Shadowverse - An analysis on Lord Atomy

How times change. What was once a win condition on turn 2 that mathematically could only happen about 3% of the time became a card that won in the JCG OPEN tounament, Season 3 Vol.46. 

Here's the decklist that won in that tournament.

In order to understand why Atomy is great now, we have to look back into the past to figure out why Atomy is bad.

Firstly, Lord Atomy fanfare is the following: If 4 allied cards are in play, change the cost of this follower to 0 and give it Fanfare: Destroy all other allied cards. We have long known about this condition following the turn 2 Atomy of  Burial Grounds> Ghoul's banquet> Skeleton warrior> Lord Atomy, but in order to perform this combo, it requries four cards, leaving you with only a card left.

Other cases of using Lord Atomy followed negative results. Dropping him on turn 4 makes him fall prey to Dance of Death or any evolved bane on the opponent's next turn. With the lack of any cards in your hand, you will mostly likely not be able to find an answer to push and win the game.

Now, at the present, the latest expansion has heavily pushed the card draw mechanic in shadowcraft. Staircase is a 1 cost draw 3 cards, and Andrealphus is a 2 cost draw 1 card. The addition of haunted house, Ceridwen and Frozen Mamoth made it easy to bring out not just an 8/8 minion on turn 4, but be able to bring out 2 giant threats, and have the capability to ensure that it stays on the field even if it gets removed or destroyed. The lack of card draw has been solved with the introduction of staircase, and if staircase is not drawn on the opening hand, an evolved Andrealphus will solve that problem in a heartbeat.

The true threat of Lord Atomy however, is how easily shadows are generated. with a horde of 1/1 followers, low cost minions and Lord Atomy blowing up amulets, it doesn't take long for this deck to reach 20 shadows. Allow a single hit from Atomy, and you'll die by a 13/13 Deathly Tyrant.

So, the problem is in having multiple high threats on turn 4 in a reliable consistent manner. Is there a way to counter this deck? A solution that would allow you to solve the trouble of Atomy?

Well, there is. The issue lies in being able to play a ward card on your turn 3 and turn 4. If you can do so, you should be able to clear out the Atomy and mamoths with a combination of spells and evolves. Next, a ward aganst tyrant or some healing would secure the win against deathly tyrant.

Tempo Dragon has the advantage here with Siegfried. Rune has Levi + Piercing rune. Forest can bounce back with Pixie mischief. Shadow has Necroassassin. Sword has bane, Blood has Revelation and Heaven has Snow white + cudgel to delay to Themis.

While it is strong, a deck centered around Lord Atomy can be beaten!

However, reddit user EclipseQQ encountered the situation below.


May your games be in your favor! Good luck.

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