Shadowverse: Card Analysis - Eidolon of Madness

Destroy all allied amulets at the end of the turn sounds like a great effect, but it's not.

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Shadowverse: Card Analysis - Eidolon of Madness

Eidolon of Madness is a very unusual card. For one, it can't be attacked, and it evolves for free before triggering the effect.

Many players have tried experimenting with the card, but at 5 cost, it was more profitable to play more amulets and Garuda next turn, instead of a 5 cost that only activates your amulets at the end of your turn.

Worst still, Eidolon will destroy all your amulets, even the ones without a countdown.

Compare it to Starforge Legend's newest Legendary, Heresy's Avatar. At the cost of 7, it will allow players to instantly activate all countdown amulets when they are played from hand. This still triggers the fanfare, and this means that if you play Tribunal of Good and Evil, two enemy followers will be destroyed, and 2 tin soldiers will appear from playing March Hare's Teatime.

It appears that Eidolon is all but useless now, since there's a better card printed that allows you to do the same thing, even without board presence but I would disagree.

Eidolon's benefit is two fold. Firstly, he's a free evolve, so you can trigger evolve effects such as heavenly hound. Secondly, he synergize really well with Hare of Illusions, an amulet that returns to play when the 1/2 ward Rabbit is destroyed. 

This is a really great stalling technique, and should the opponent fail to remove Eidolon, you will be able to safely get to late game without taking to much damage.

And when you reach late game, you can then play a finisher, either Aegis or Seraph.

An example of a deck.


The focus here is on three things, Card draw, pulling Eidolon from the deck, and pulling Seraph. Star torrent and Forbidden ritual is great at stopping Dragon and Sword. Having 3 Aether of the White Wing will allow you to draw Eidolon or Cudgel for further control. Technically, if you and your opponent have the correct draws, you would win since it's close to impossible to aggro this deck, and only Odin is able to remove Seraph.

If you give this deck a try, you'll soon realize that while very niche, Eidolon still has some great potential and deserves to stay.

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