Shadowverse: Card Analysis - Fairy Driver

Take a second look and consider the possibilities.

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Shadowverse: Card Analysis - Fairy Driver

Cost: 4

Evolved: 5/5

Rarity: Gold

Card Effect: Whenever an allied Fairy comes into play, give it +1/+0 and Storm until the end of the turn.

Release period: Wonderland Dreams


When this card is first revealed, there wasn't much use for him. Roach forest is still going strong with an almost certain OTK on turn 9. Fairy Driver, on the other hand, could only do 8 damage on turn 8. The huge cost coupled with the need to burn 4 fairies was a huge detriment to the deck, even if Elven princess mage reduces the turns you need to deal this damage to turn 6.

As such, the card was largely ignored. Perhaps if the card costed 3, we would see more play of him, but most people didn't trouble themselves to do so, focusing on Neutral Beauty and the Beast Forest instead.

Now with the release of Starforged Legends, forest has a lot more tools at their disposable to consider giving Fairy Driver a second chance.

Firstly, Aibound Barrage is a solid removal spell that returns a fairy to the hand. Elf song is easy to play at turn 6 onward, turning the maximum of 8 damage to 12 damage instead. Spring-Green protection effectively turns your deck into 37 cards instead of 40. Purehearted singer turns this number from 37 to 34 instead, and provides optimal card draw. And as a secondary finisher, you still have enough deck space to throw the roach & bounce package in. Venus is also a possible alternate card pick for card draw. Throw in these tools, and you have a very deck that can actually work. 

Being able to consistently draw him and fairies for ammo results in a competitive deck that has yet been explored.

Click here for a sample deck

The deck plays out similarly with aggro forest at the start, but you do not have much opportunities to trade with any enemy minions on the board. The ideal situation for this deck is when you're able to protect your minions with Liza, and buffing them with elf song. As you drop the opponent's leader health down with a mixture of roaches and early board presence, you would finally finish the opponent with fairy driver and fairies.

The questions that arise when you play a deck centered around this card are numerous. There will be many times where you have to evolve and trade fairy driver into Sibyl to prevent that extra healing. Sometimes you'll need to clear a hector or two. On other times, it's better to ignore Unica and deal enough damage for a roach finish.

When you play Fairy Driver, you will need to ask yourself of all the possible lethal you can deal next turn. With some practice, luck, Harvest Festival card draw and a whole legion of fairies, you'll soon discover the joy of Forestcraft. It may not be an easy deck to use, but it'll be one that you'll be glad you've mastered.



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