Shadowverse Forest Roach Guide: Rushing Damage from 20 to 0 in a Turn

Arguably one of the most fun and challenging decks in Shadowverse.

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Shadowverse Forest Roach Guide: Rushing Damage from 20 to 0 in a Turn

This is a deck that you can use from bronze to masters, a deck that consistently performs. One that has endured the nerfs and buffs that other classes has had, and one that will endure and continue to exist until the end of Shadowverse, perhaps. Welcome, to Roach Forest! 

Deck List


Here’s a rundown on how the deck is played.

Nature’s Guidance/Rhinoceroach: Staple Roach cards. Follow these 2 rules

  1. Play as many roaches as you can to deal the most damage.
  2. Play roaches LAST after any Guidance.

Here’s a turn 10 example:

Roach, Guidance, Guidance, Roach, Roach, Roach = 16 damage without fairies (a single 0 cost fairy will bump this to 20)

Roach, Guidance, Roach, Guidance, Roach, Roach = 15 damage without fairies (0 cost fairy = 19)

Remembering this might mean the difference between lethal or a loss.

Angelic Snipe: Vital. Use ONLY on blood wolves or turn 7/8 face roach end. Disregard everything else. Can be used at turn 8 with 2 roaches and 2 free fairies for 20 damage.

Fairy Circle: Vital: Useful for aggro, a spell before going roach, and board presence. Always aim for this card on turn 1. Keep on opening hand.

Into the Looking Glass / Elf Twins’ Assault: the best 2 cost damage spell in the game. Takes out frogs, aggro, and in late game, almost anything you wish from phantom cats to Golden lions. Requires you to run a 2 cost card draw as a tradeoff, but it’s still a very solid pick for Roach Forest. Keep on opening hand.

Sylvan Justice: 2 damage anti anything. The free fairy is a nice bonus. Vital. Keep on opening hand.

Goblin Mage: Draws a 2 cost or lower follower card. Vital. Keep on opening hand. I would like to take this opportunity to share the comic below that explains why.

Drawn by Reddit user/leon118


Magical Fairy, Lilac: 3 cost follower that kills anything once? An amazing card. Depending on meta hours, I switch 1/2 Lilacs for 1/2 Crystalia Lily. They are honestly both solid cards.

Elven Princess Mage: Best way to get free fairies. 4 damage to deal with any aggro. Staple and vital. Keep on opening hand. You will need her.

Fortunehunter Feena: Free Goblin mage (Gobu). Alternative card for roach damage. Also a staple and vital. Turn 7 = Gobu + roach + guidance + roach + roach = 11 damage.

Dance of death: Roach forest should never burst on turn 6, so what’s the next best play? Dance of death turn 6 for 2 dace damage.

Will of the forest: Alternative ambush killer.

Crystalia Aerin: Healing and ward. A very vital card that’s needed to survive a turn. A turn is all you need to win. Vital

Beauty and the Beast: You’re already running Into the looking glass, Elf twin assault, and a number of neutral cards. One splash of BatB might not seem like much, but you’ll find that you draw this in half your games, fully buffed and resistant to damage. It’s not as vital as Crystalia Aerin, but I’ve met opponents whom concede as soon as I drop BatB.

Homecoming: Shadow’s Death’s breath/multi ward counter. But how often do you come across them? One copy of this is enough.


And that is all. You now know how to play roach forest. It’s honestly much easier then it seems.

Alternatives include wolf +homecoming, more BatB instead of Crystalia Aerin, and running pure forest, but I’ve found that this deck works the best with neutral cards. Have fun and may your victories be unexpected.


Fairy + Fairy + Gobu + fairy circle + fairy circle + fairy + roach + guidance + roach = 16 damage.

Magical Angelic snipe to the rescue!

Winning with pure skill.



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