Shadowverse New Game Mode: Rotation - An analysis of the future

Only the five latest card sets can be played, and that means the cards from "Standard" and "Darkness Evolution" are out.

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Shadowverse New Game Mode: Rotation - An analysis of the future

If you have not yet watched the announcement on Shadowverse's new game mode, you may do so by clicking on the link below.

Shadowverse Next Announcement

The new class that is being announced, Portalcraft looks interesting. Featuring deck manipulation, resonance and 1 cost 2/1 followers, it may be the new meta class in December.

But what you should be more concerned about, is the new ranked game mode that will be released, rotation. Rotation will only allow the last 5 card sets and basic cards to be played.

This is a huge news, and what's more surprising is Cygames will be supporting both Unlimited and Rotation format in official competitions. To put this into perspective, Blizzard was not able to do this, as they had abandoned the 'wild' format from tournaments.

This new game mode will mean the end for many decks, and the beginning of something fresh, and without more information, it's close to impossible to tell which class will come out on top.

First, let's take a look at what commonly used cards will not be used in Rotation.

Neutral Forest Sword Rune
Prince of Darkness Ancient elf Alexander Merlin
Odin Rhinoceroach White Paladin Timeworn Mage Levi
Urd Elf GIrl Liza Alwida's Command Calamitous Curse
Lucifer Silver Bolt Frontguard General Dimensional Shift
Angelic Snipe Elven Princess Mage Leonidas Sorcery Cache
Unica Elf Child May Princess Vanguard Petrification
Dance of Death Nature's Guidance Whole Souled Swing Kaleidoscopic Glow
  Fairy Circle Vanguard Fate's hand
  Pixie Mischief Palance Fencer Red-Hot Ritual
    Centaur Vanguard  
    Veteran Lancer  
    Novice Trooper  


Dragon Shadow Blood Haven
Dark Dragoon Forte Cerberus Vania, Vampire Princess Enstatued Seraph
Polyphonic Roar Lord Atomy Demon Commander Laura Elana's Prayer
Genesis Dragon Foul Tempest Righteous Devil Winged Sentinel Garuda
Ivory Dragon Phantom Howl Revelation Themis's Decree
Aiela, Dragon Knight Deathly Tyrant Temptress Vampire Beastcall Aria
  Death's Breath Diabolic Drain Temple Defender
  Mordecai the Duelist Night Horde Cleric Lancer
  Bone Chimera Azazel Radiance Angel
  Skull Beast Alucard Pinion Prayer
  Soul Conversion Ambling Wraith Sacred Plea
  Spartoi Soldier Blood Wolf Mainyu
  Deathbrand Summon Bloodkin Heavenly Hound
    Vampiric Kiss Sister Initiate
    Succubus Divine Birdsong

One look, and you'll notice many amazing decks will no longer be usable as their key cards are gone.

D-shift and Rhinoceroach will no longer be used. Storm and aggro is gone. Control takes a hit with the lost of Themis, Revelation, Drain and Frontguard general. What's most interesting is the lost of Odin and all the cards that Odin counters, which include Seraph, Leonidas, Mordecai and Polyphonic Roar.

In short, in one fell sweep, Cygames has removed all classes of their current meta identity. Players will have to adapt, if they wish to play in this new rotation format.

Only two playstyles remain after this move. From the last four sets, we can see that Burn Rune and Ramp Dragon will still be usable.

Burn rune has magician to apply pressure, and gingerbread house to replace Red-hot. Concentration can replace Fate's hand, and burn rune never relied on spell boost in the first place.

Ramp dragon still has the neutral package with Sahaquiel, Israfil, Zeus and Bahamut. Though Siegfried and Wild hunt can no longer be used, Dragon warrior and Rahab can make up for the slack.

It is an interesting time for sure, and we'll have to wait until December to see how Shadowverse implements their 7th card set, and to see if the current classes gain new identities, or if the new cards will replace the old


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