Shadowverse November Nerfs! A prediction of things to come

Down goes Prime Dragon Keeper. Goodbye Council of Card Knights.

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Shadowverse November Nerfs! A prediction of things to come

If you haven't heard the news, Cygames has announced changes for three cards effective immediately. 

Prime Dragon Keeper

  • Had a winrate of 56.5%
  • Defense will be changed from 5 to 3. (evolved 7 to 5)
  • Cost changed from 3> 4

Council of Card Knights

  • Cost changed from 5>6

Ephemera, Angelic Slacker

  • Cost changed from 4>5

Until November, the vials players will obtain from disenchanting them will be the same as the amount of vials needed to craft them.

It is surprising that Staircase to Paradise was not touched, nor was Sibyl changed. Lord Atomy might actually become meta, and Forrest will climb up the tier ranks with the nerfs to aggro sword and Dragon.

Now let's get into details for the future.

Firstly, Aggro sword has lost their key forth play. With Ephemera costing 5, players will no longer need to fear the 9 damage burst on turn 5. The change to Council of Card Knights means that Sword can no longer rely on using it reliably for the bane. 

However, the presence of Jeno and Luminous Knight helps to make up for the lost of damage from Ephemera and Council of Card kngihts. It's very possible that aggro sword will still retain a place in meta with the threat of D-Shift 

PDK Dragon has taken a well deserved giant hit in how reliable it now is. At 4 cost, dragon will most likely only be able to trigger the effect once at 7 pp, instead of twice. The change to the health means Prime Dragon Keeper can now be killed by spells reliably, and Runecraft will laugh at a PDK board with Calamitous Curse. Still, the threat that PDK gave players was the ability to survive midgame in order to transition into Storm and Forte + Urd. While win % will be reduced greatly (predicted 8% reduction), PDK Dragon will still be a reliable meta deck going forwards.

An alternative view to things is that with the change of reliability to PDK, ramp dragon will increase in popularity and dominance. It is hard to tell at this stage, but it's very possible that a quick change to PDK to include Genesis + Queen of the dead sea would turn out to be the meta as PDK can still reliably draw minions with Staircase.

The nerf to Ephemera might not be as huge of an impact to other decks then it is to Swordcraft. Shadowcraft prefers to use Prince Catacomb on turn 4, while Forest is still in the process of building their board with woodland brambles + fairies. Expect to see little change in how these decks perform in the upcoming month.

In conclusion, some fair nerfs to the effectiveness of PDK dragon and Aggro sword. Expect the rise of burn rune and forest into tier 1, sharing the same spot as PDK dragon and Aggro sword. D-shift still a menace to meta, and is the sole reason why Aggro sword is able to remain at tier 1. The game is now a properly balanced rock, papers, scissors game with less reliance on who goes first to win.


Cover image comic via DorkDragoon Twitter

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