Shoppers Get The Scare of Their Life From 'Rings' Character

You'll be thankful you weren't there.

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Shoppers Get The Scare of Their Life From 'Rings' Character

If you weren't living under a rock these past 10 to 15 years, you would have heard of the movie franchise called 'The Ring'. It started as a Japanese horror film, but soon gained an American remake. 

The main premise of The Ring is a mysterious videotape in which a long haired ghost appears out of a well. The person who views this video tape dies mysteriously 7 days after watching it. This year, the third installment of the American franchise will be released, entitled simple 'Rings'. You can watch the trailer here:

The vengeful spirit of Samara is back, and now her video is being spread through e-mail instead of a videotape. To promote the movie, some television store shoppers had to face a really terrifying prank.

Would you have been scared, or would you have laughed instead?



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