Skip Beat! Is The Best Encouraging Anime To Watch

One woman's journey to overcome numerous challenges.

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Skip Beat! Is The Best Encouraging Anime To Watch

Kyoko Mogami is a beaten down part time worker holding down several jobs to help her childhood friend and superstar Sho Fuwa pay for his lavish lifestyle. Little does she know that Sho is only using her to foot the bills and has no intention of pursuing a relationship with her.

Kyoko works hard under the impression that Sho will one day return her affections, but she overhears him one day telling his manager that Kyoko is nothing but a tool to clean his home and cook his meals.

Kyoko loses it immediately, and swears to Sho that she will one day surpass him in showbiz. She embarks on a difficult journey to join the entertainment industry by joining an agency that's a rival to Sho's agency. Here she meets the agency's best star, Ren Tsuruga and makes an immediate impression on him.

Although the series is from the shoujo manga, there is very little romance and most of the relationships are explored in a subtle manner. Instead, the anime focuses on Kyoko and her strong determination to succeed.

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The beauty of the series is how Kyoko starts off with revenge as her primary driving force for success, but soon she discovers the beauty of acting as an art and she finds that she's also rather talented and has a knack for channeling unique characters.

Although there are many funny and comedic moments, the show also has plenty of serious and weighty scenes that are emotional.

The anime gives a great insight on how it feels to be a rookie in any industry, where hard work and determination pays off. It's a great anime to watch if you feel like you're struggling to stay afloat in work and in life as a whole.

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