Some of the Most Famous Cats on the Internet

You'll want to see more of them everyday.

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Some of the Most Famous Cats on the Internet

Cat pictures and videos bring a lot of cheer and happiness to many people on the internet. Therefore, it's no surprise that some of these internet cats have become celebrities in their own rights, and have amassed a following of their own.

Following these cats mean that you'll be able to see all their photos, and get a daily dose of cuteness. Some of these cats are famous because of the way they look, while others are famous for their antics. 

Here they are, some of the most popular cats on the internet:

1. Venus, the Kitten with a bi-coloured face

Doesn't she look like a certain Batman villain we all know?

2. Little Bub, the Babyfaced cat

Little Bub has a genetic condition where her tongue constantly hangs out, making her look like a young kitten all the time.

3. Maru, the box obsessed cat

Maru lives in Japan, and has been known to love all sorts of boxes, playing with them all the time.

4. Grumpy Cat

Nobody needs any special introduction to Grumpy cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce. She sports a permanently grumpy expression, despite not being irritated. 

5. Shironeko, the sleepy cat

Shironeko, whose name means 'White Cat' in Japanese, has one of the best happy-sleepy faces ever.

6. Hamilton, the Hipster

His mustache is all-natural and part of his fur.

7. Banye, the always shocked cat

His permanent OMG expression is due to some dark fur below his mouth.

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