Song of the World: Review - RPG with Beautiful Art

Score: 7/10

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Song of the World: Review - RPG with Beautiful Art

Score: 7/10


  • Intriguing story
  • Long story dialogues
  • Beautifully drawn sprites
  • Good background music


  • Simplistic gameplay
  • Grinding required

Song of the World is more of a story than it is a game. It starts off strong with a narration of the future and hints about the cost the main character has paid in order to reverse time and gain a second chance at saving the world. We are brought then to the start of the war between humans and demons, and knowing the future, is there a chance to save it?

As a game that focuses on the story, it has been well translated into English. However, there are sections of the story where the English text is unreadable, such as the diary pages. These aren't a big issue as players can guess what the text is saying, but there should have been some quality control in order to ensure these graphic glitches do not occur.

The sprites and artwork for the characters are well drawn. They are detailed and expressive, and they feel alive with small movements in their idle poses.

The downside to the game, is the gameplay. Characters automatically run from left to right, and the goal is to get to the end of the stage safely by attacking monsters and dodging obstacles along the way. With how fast the background moves, it feels jarring to see the characters come to a full stop whenever you attack or use a skill, as the background doesn't stop when you do so.

Being a RPG, the normal mechanics of equipment upgrading and skill points allocation are included, which means that end game will most likely be a matter of having enough stats to survive instead of being able to skillfully pass through the game.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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