Soothing Pictures of Pets Falling Asleep

The best cure for a stressful day.

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Soothing Pictures of Pets Falling Asleep

Nobody can stay mad or stressed when they see a cute kitten or puppy, so if you're having a particularly bad day, let these cuties calm you down and soothe your tired soul. Pets, just like humans, enjoy soft toys too and have their own favourite toys that they like to fall asleep with.

Just look at these cuties here, and their favourite soft toys:

1. This puppy's favourite toy is a vegetable

2. Hug tight, don't let the bedbugs bite

3. It takes a cow to calm this puppy down

4. Kitten-ception

5. This bulldog and his teddy will melt your heart

6. Kitty won't let go of teddy. Awww...

7. And here's a mouse with a miniature stuffed toy of its own



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