South Korean MMO 'Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation' Trailer Released

It's an MMORPG from Caret Games.

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South Korean MMO 'Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation' Trailer Released

South Koreans are well known for their MMORPGs and here's a new one from the company Caret Games. Once again, the Unity 3D engine has been used to produce this game called Rebirth: Shadow of Salvation.

Caret Games has released an official trailer. 

The game features action combat systems, large scale battles, an open world and PC level graphics that is realistic and immersive. Both the launch trailer and gameplay trailer show graphics that are extremely smooth and superior in detail, especially for a mobile game.

This is one more fantasy MMO to try out, but it does appear more interesting than many others out there. No release date has been announced but Caret Games will no doubt let us know that pretty soon.

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