Spread The Love: Try These Mobile Games Made for Couples

Get your other half in on your love for gaming.

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Spread The Love: Try These Mobile Games Made for Couples

Gaming alone can be fun and exciting, but you can always double the fun by playing mobile games with a spouse or a girlfriend or boyfriend. Most of these games are antagonistic, which means you play against one another, but there are also games where you have to join forces to complete objectives.

So here are the games you can play with bae, on a rainy day:


1) DUAL! 

It's actually rather straightforward. All you do is shoot projectiles and the other person has to duck and avoid it. It's pretty impressive to see your projectile move from your phone to your partners and back.


2) Words With Friends

Basically, it works like scrabble, but you play with a group of people in the app's community. Play as a couple, or add a few friends in to battle it out on the word board.


3) Bounden

You've probably never seen a game like this, but this game will make you actually have to dance together with your partner, along to music and choreography by the Dutch National Ballet.


4) Spaceteam

Go through wormholes while working together through WiFi connections. You and your partner will have to synchronize movements and controls in order to get the ship up and flying.


5) Draw Something

Do you remember the game you played as a kid where you had to draw a picture and your friends had to guess what it was? Well now you can play it on mobile with your other half for a good laugh.


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