Star Trek or Star Wars: Don't Mix Them Up

The only thing they have in common is that they're both science fiction franchises.

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Star Trek or Star Wars: Don't Mix Them Up

Both Star Wars and Star Trek are science fiction franchises that started at about a decade apart. People who aren't fans of either one tend to mix them up. However, these two franchises are as different as night and day. 

Their only similarity is that they both share the word 'Star' in their titles, and both have an array of media based on the franchise including books, movies, TV series, figurines and more.

What are they about?

Star Wars

Set in a galaxy far far away, the movies follow the Skywalker family, especially Luke and his sister Leia. They both possess the abilities of the Jedi, a group of people that can use the Force to manipulate elements in the galaxy. Both Luke and Leia fight in the Resistance, the rebel group formed to combat the evil Galactic Empire. They soon find that their father Anakin is also a Jedi and has joined the empire, which leads to much personal conflict.

Star Trek

In Star Trek, the main protagonist is actually a space ship called the starship Enterprise. It tells the story of the crew members who man the Enterprise. The original team was lead by Captain Kirk, and a subsequent generation of crew members was led by Captain Picard. Other ships with other crew members have been made into live action series of their own, but the plots remain similar, with the crew often encountering unknown or problematic planets or creatures in their travels across the universe.


Well Known Taglines

Star Wars -May the Force be With You

Star Trek - Live Long and Prosper


How did They Start

Star Wars

Star Wars started as a movie in 1977. So far (at the time of writing) there have been 7 movies released in the main storyline, with numerous spin-off movies. There are supposed to be 9 main storyline movies in total with number 8 slated for release this December 2017.

The timeline of the main movies can be a bit confusing for non-fans. Chapters IV, V and VI were released in the 1970s and early 1980s, whereas the prequel chapters I, II and III were released in the mid-1990s. 

The latest movies consisting chapter VII, VIII and IX are being released these few years, which means the late 2010s. 


Star Trek

This actually started out as a TV series in 1966, and there have been a total of six main TV series, each about a different captain with a different crew. Each of these crews have some movies made for cinema too. Interestingly, the Star Trek franchise releases an average of one live action


Fans often disagree which one is better, which often leads to lots of lighthearted moments. It's really ok to like them both though. Have you watched either or both series? What do you think of them?

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