Startup Wants to Make Safari Animals Appear in Your Neighbourhood

Safari Central will help wild animal conservation all over the world.

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Startup Wants to Make Safari Animals Appear in Your Neighbourhood

A new start-up mobile game company has announced that they're looking for funding on Kickstarters to bring an augmented reality game to life. It will be almost like 'Pokemon Go', but with real animals instead of fantasy based ones.

The game is called Safari Central and Internet of Elephants, the company behind it, intends to use real data of animal movements in their original habitat to predict where they will virtually move to in every part of the world. Its Kickstarter page intends to develop the game for up to 8 different animals. 

via Kickstarters

The game will apparently be made free, and in-game purchases will help fund efforts for wildlife conservation. No details have been released concerning the game mechanics, as Internet of Elephants is now at a very early stage.

They've released some artist impressions of how the game will look like, and we can't help but feel excited as it looks really clean, crisp and fun.

via Kickstarters


Help Internet of Elephants turn this game into a reality by visiting their Kickstarter page and showing them some much needed support.


Cover image via Kickstarters


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