Stellar Fox is a Soothing Game for Stressful Days

Draw lines to help baby Stellar Fox go home.

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Stellar Fox is a Soothing Game for Stressful Days

Puzzle games can sometimes be stressful, albeit satisfying to play. However, puzzle games that are both soothing and satisfying are hard to find. Stellar Fox is therefore a rare gem in mobile gaming, especially seeing how everything in this game is meant to calm you and make you feel relaxed.

The games premise is simple enough. Two mythical Stellar Foxes live among the stars, a Mummy fox and her child. One day, a storm separates them and baby fox finds itself on earth. Baby fox now has to find its way back to Mummy via a series of portals.

The first 10 stages is actually a tutorial, which is easy and a joy to follow. Basically, in this drawing puzzle game, you have to draw lines to roll baby fox towards the portal by drawing lines. Things do get complicated later on when there are several elements to avoid or to pick up on the way.

Players will be given a finite number of lines to draw so that baby fix rolls safely to the portal, which sounds easy, but get challenging later on. In every stage, all the line drawing takes place first and when you're satisfied with the lines you've drawn, you press play and see the 'rolling' take place. Also, there's an option to erase lines you're not happy with, and levels can be re-played as many times as you'd like.

The game designers have gone out of their way to ensure that the game doesn't stress you out, despite it being primarily a puzzle game. The graphics are ethereal and the music cosmic, which is why this is a great game to be playing if you're having trouble sleeping at night, or are feeling overwhelmed by the day's experience.

Cover image via Made with Unity

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