Strange but Delicious Desserts From Around the World

You'll want to try every one of them.

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Strange but Delicious Desserts From Around the World

We all love our sweets. They're often a comforting way to end meals, or just great snacks for in-between meal times and celebrations. Apart from the usual dessert offerings like cakes, ice-cream,  chocolates and the like, there are many sweets from different cultures all over the world that are interesting and satisfying at the same time.

If you have a sweet tooth, here are some desserts that are out of the ordinary for you to try:

1. Sakotis, Lithuania

These little cakes look like Christmas trees, and their protrusions are formed when batter is baked on a rolling rod in a special oven

2. Tavuk gogsu, Turkey

The Tavuk gogsu looks just like a milky pudding, but there's actually some chicken inside, making it sweet, milky, and delicious

3. Crickets dipped in chocolate, Thailand

You've heard of fruits dipped in chocolate, now try some insects

4. Wasabi ice-cream, Japan

Wasabi isn't just limited to being a condiment for sushi or ramen. Now, you can have it as an ice-cream flavour too

5. Wasp crackers, Japan

If you thought that chocolate covered crickets were the only insect desserts, here's another one with wasps in a cookie

6. Meat cake, USA

Although it looks like cake, it's actually a meat loaf covered in mashed potatoes that looks like cream

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