'Supermarket Mania: Journey' Will Bring You to the Top of the Retail Game

Manage your supermarket chain and climb the ladder of success.

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'Supermarket Mania: Journey' Will Bring You to the Top of the Retail Game

Supermarket Mania is a game from little known company, G5 Entertainment and it's available for free to Android and iOS users. The game is basically a strategy and time management game. You start off with a small supermarket which you have to keep clean and make sure that all the shelves are stocked so that shoppers leave happy.

To ensure that all your shoppers are happy, you have to guarantee that they don't wait long for anything, which includes shopping baskets and cashier queues. There are several types of shoppers, each with their own range of patience. Old grannies are the most patient, while working adults and teens are the least patient.

You'll also have to contend with teenagers whipping around your supermarket in their scooters, making food fall from the shelves. This is easily solved by hiring a security guard early on, who will blow his whistle when you click on him anytime a teenager misbehaves.

The game is easy enough when you start out. However, the difficulty slowly builds up as you level up. Before you start each level, you'll be given an option to upgrade your store, including things like better cleaning tools, bigger shelves, goodies to pacify impatient customers and so on.

These improvements can be bought with gold coins or diamonds. Gold coins are earned easily from shoppers at every level, but diamonds are a little more difficult. You can always visit the local casino and bet coins to get more coins or diamonds, but that also means you can spend coins without getting anything in return.

Alternatively, you can replay a level to reach silver or gold objectives, instead of just the basic bronze in order to gain diamonds. The final alternative is to buy diamonds using real world money as they're available starting from $2.

Supermarket Mania Journey just came out 3 months ago and is not the first of the series, but it does show plenty of promise. There are more than several hundred levels to complete, so that players can look forward to a long and satisfying gameplay. It's also free from all those annoying 'real time waiting' game mechanisms where you have to wait out in real minutes for a part of the game to complete.

Simple but challenging enough to hold your interest for a long time. 

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