Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Opens for Pre-Registration

Another exciting game from the SAO franchise made for mobile.

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Sword Art Online: Integral Factor Opens for Pre-Registration

Sword Art Online is a well liked light novel that has since been turned into an anime series. It tells the tale of a group of youngsters who were invited to become beta testers for an online RPG. However, once they logged into the game, they discovered that they have been imprisoned within the game and the only escape is to complete the highest and final level.

Within the RPG, gamer Kirito meets Asuna, whom he forms a partnership with and later on marries in the game. They go on to find out who the mastermind behind the game is and attempt to destroy him. 

Bandai Namco has released several SAO games across platforms and in the recent Tokyo Game Show 2107, they announced Sword Art Online: Integral Factor for mobiles.

The game will be free to play on Android and iOS, with in-game purchases. Interested players can start pre-registering for the game at the official website.

The game developers have announced bonus Arcana Gems the more pre-registrations are achieved, starting with 250 Arcana Gems for 50,000 pre-registrations up to 1000 Gems for 200,000 pre-registrations. The mobile RPG will no doubt be launched very soon, so that's something to look forward to.


Cover image via Gematsu

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