Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Quick Review

Featuring the best character in the entire series. Yes, the best character even with the Alicization arc.

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Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag Quick Review

What a boss

Score: 7/10


  • Klien
  • Eugene
  • Alice
  • Simple action combat gameplay
  • Art
  • This Menu Ui is amazing. Feels very fitting and quick
  • Sound effects
  • Parry zoom
  • Theme
  • Stat grinding
  • Weapon stat grinding.


  • Story
  • Game does not have any data preload
  • Kirito
  • SAO Abridged has better story
  • Mission rewards have to be accepted in gift box
  • Story
  • Why is the home screen so short?
  • The Alicization arc
  • There's magic in the game.
  • The GGO arc
  • You can't switch in without using a skill
  • Reki Kawahara has not played a single MMO and thus actual MMO players will b
  • Battle ranking system is not explained to the player.
  • Klien is mostly ignored
  • Unable to switch outfits without changing the character card you are using. BGHS did this right.
  • Story pacing is all out of place.
  • Other plays spawn on your homescreen, consuming data.
  • There are story interruptions in battles.
  • Only one basic attack combo per class/character
  • Story

Dance, dance dance.

leaning forward in the air.

Magic attacks hit all enemies on screen, so just camp at a corner.

The stat menu in game that allows you to increase your character stats.

Say goodbye to your mobile data.


SAO: Memory Defrag is a retelling of the series. The gacha rates are unknown, but they do give you plenty gems as you play through it.

Combat is great, fun, but there's not very many variations to it. It's mostly reacting to the monsters, dodging, and parrying attacks while using skills.

Shame about the story though.

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