Swordigo Review - Amazing Platform & Adventure Game

Score: 10/10

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Swordigo Review - Amazing Platform & Adventure Game

Score: 10/10


  • Clean UI
  • Easy controls
  • Great music
  • Graphics are simple, but lends to the charm of the game
  • You can gain money by cutting grass and smashing pots
  • Character, equipment, and spell progression
  • Easy and satisfying maps to navigate through


  • None.

What a great game. Swordigo is an action adventure platformer for mobile. Gameplay is basic, with the option to run left or right, and you can attack with your sword, or cast spells as long as you have MP. Being a platformer, most of your time is spent navigating the land, and you have full control over how the character moves by holding down the jump button, or by double jumping.

The game feels great, and what makes it better is the music. They are perfectly fitting the situation, and are long and varied enough that you won't grow bored of listening to it in the background. The graphics are basic, but there are details in the game such as stars and pet turtles that make the entire game look great. The story is well paced, and there wasn't a dull moment. Dialogues are kept short, and the game swiftly gives controls back to the player for more action.

With over 50 hours of gameplay, Swordigo deserves the 10/10 score it gets.

We made this short gameplay video for you:

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