Tales of Thorn Quick Review: 3D Action RPG

A 3d action RPG with equipment Gacha.

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Tales of Thorn Quick Review: 3D Action RPG

Score: 7/10 Close Beta


  • Unique presentation and theme
  • A lot of progression available
  • Has auto
  • Has co-op PvE


  • Story mode
  • Lack of character customization
  • It's no wipe close beta


  • A lot of reset frames in attacks
  • Skills are set by the weapons you collect, up to 4
  •  Grinding to level

About half a second of delay between each swing. At that last attack, you can't cancel it into a dodge.

Same thing here after using a weapon skill, a half second of delay before you can move.

6% max rarity rate, but it appears hard to farm for the gems.

Graphics are quite nice for a mobile game, with acceptable animations

A lot of mechanics to increase your character's stats. Equips, allied heroes and guilds.

UI is messy, but all these icons disappear in battle. It's better then Dragon Nest.

 Playstore Link


 Price: Free


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