Tap Tap Reborn 2: 3 Key Tapping to Popular Modern Songs

Does a good enough job. Has multiplayer. 31 free songs. 

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Tap Tap Reborn 2: 3 Key Tapping to Popular Modern Songs

Score: 7/10


  • Has multiplayer
    • If they own the songs, they can be shared.
  • 3key gameplay
    • Tap
    • Hold
  • Note patterns are memorizable
  • Has 31 free songs
  • Scoreboard and achievements


  • Different game skins costs money
  • Has a wide song collection... that costs money
  • Has a cap of 6 players per multiplayer room.
  • Multiplayer room doesn't show each individual score
  • Not enough game settings (only 3 note speeds)


Red= miss. Orange = good, Green = perfect.

The average player on hard.


Multiplayer chat room is very functional with visible chat, but unfortunately the score isn't shown at the end. Still, at least you can gain exp, which is what you need to unlock more free songs.

In game currency, aka rubies, can be used to buy most of the songs, but some can only be purchased using real money.


Multiplayer has brought this game far. With only 3keys to press, the gameplay is easy enough for everyone to play. It is a good casual rhythm game with the songs you hear on the radio. Anime fans should try Osu instead.


Playstore Link

Itunes Link


Price: Free

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