Tencent is Bringing 'Honor of Kings' to Europe and the US

China's most widely played game now breaking out.

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Tencent is Bringing 'Honor of Kings' to Europe and the US

China is now in the grips of a mobile game that's taken everyone in the country by storm, and it's called Honor of Kings. Much has been written about the hype surrounding this game, but Tencent Holdings Ltd which is the company behind this game, has thus far limited distribution within China itself.

The game has been so overwhelmingly popular in China that Tencent recently introduce time limits to control the gameplay sessions of underage gamers after complaints from parents and teachers that the game is too addictive.

According to Tencent insiders, there is now plans to roll out the game for the European and US markets, namely in Germany, Italy, France and Spain in addition to the United States. So far Honor of Kings has enjoyed a limited release in certain countries like Thailand and Turkey.

Tencent is China's largest mobile services company and is responsible for the immensely popular chat app WeChat. There are rumors that the foreign releases may have some local touches and that Tencent is working with Marvel and DC, as well as Interactive to incorporate some characters that western players can identify with. Tencent has already renamed Honor of Kings to Strike of Kings for its foreign releases thus far, with minor localization tweaks:

Thus far this news is yet to be substantiated with a formal statement from Tencent, so its veracity remains to be confirmed.

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