The Amazingly Compact Design of Japan's Capsule Hotels

The smallest hotels in the world.

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The Amazingly Compact Design of Japan's Capsule Hotels

Japan's capsule hotels are probably one of the most unique lodging experiences in the world. Appearing first in the late 1970s, these capsule hotels catered to tired salarymen or workers who needed an affordable place to stay after a night of drinking or overtime.

These capsule hotels were usually found in business districts, but soon became popular among tourists as well. Capsule hotels offer small spaces for guests to sleep, while luggage is stored separately. Toilets, bathrooms, dining areas and other amenities are shared. These hotels usually cater to single people, with male and female areas separated. 

Let's look at the design of some of these capsule hotels up close:


1. First Cabin, Luxury Capsule Hotel in Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto and Osaka

via Japan Magazine


2. Cabana, Osaka

via Cabana Japan


3. 9 Hours, Kyoto/Sendai/Narita Airport

via 9 Hours Japan 


3. Nadeshiko Hotel, Shibuya

via Nadeshiko Hotel


5. Hotel Sleeps, Tokyo

via Hotel Sleeps


6. Rumor Plaza, Kyoto

via Rumor Plaza



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