The best cards in Shadowverse per Class

Barely a game goes by without these cards.

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The best cards in Shadowverse per Class

These are the best cards in each class.


Staircase to Paradise is a 1 pp, draw 3 followers amulet. To compare, the closest thing we have to this card is a 6pp draw 3 cards spell. At the low cost of 1 pp and being able to pinpoint followers only, staircase is a card that absolutely dominates the card draw meta and is hugely speculated to be nerfed soon.

A noticeable mention to Dance of Death, a 5 pp cost spell that kills any enemy follower and deal 2 damage to the enemy leader. This is positively the best neutral card in the game, with goblin coming in at 2nd for aggro decks.


1 pp, bounce any of your cards on the field to hand, and deal 3 damage to an enemy follower. Airbound Barrage is unarguably, the best card in forest as it doesn't require any setup, and synergies very well with any other forestcraft cards.

Need more card draw? Bounce Spring Green protection. Play roach? Here's an extra bounce. Need to kill a spiderweb imp? Elf Child May + Airbound will deal the trick. As an extra bonus, there's an alternate art of the card featuring Archer from Fate/Stay Night.


Albert is undeniably, the best card in swordcraft. At turn 5/6, a 5/7 follower is very difficult to remove. Having storm, Albert doesn't even need to trade, and will aim for the leader to bring him down to lethal range. Albert also has Enhance(9) that allows him to attack twice, giving swordcraft a 10 damage burst on turn 9, which is game ending as heroes only have 20 life and no armor.


Runecraft has an issue in dealing with early game tempo, and one key card that helps to solve this issue is Timeworn Mage Levi, aka Old Levi. He is never played on turn 2, but is always found on turn 4 and evolved in order to obttain a fireball (crimson sorcery). He's an essensial card to kill 2 enemy followers in a turn against rush, and the 3 damage from crimson sorcery can be kept and used for future turns.


A 5 pp card that increases your play orb if played on turn 5, and heals you for 3 if you have 7 pp total. Sibyl is an amazing card that is nessasary for her huge 6/7 stat and her healing. Dragon would not be able to survive the aggro or D-shift meta without her. The added option of giving an empty play orb is just and icing on top of the cake.


There are many good cards in shadowcraft. Lurching corpse, Demon Eater, Ceres, Dark bladefiend. But none are more versatile and helpful then little soulsquasher. With only 2 pp and 4 shadows you kill off an evolved enemy follower. This allows you to build up board and is often a gamechanger, and is one of the reason why turn 7 Eachtar is feared in the past.

Even without her special ability to destroy an evolved follower, she's still a solid 2/2 for 2 pp, which is very fair.


Deal 2 damage, heal 2 for your leader, and she has bane. At 6 health, she can live after she trades. It is a common occurance for Scarlet Sabreur to be a 3 for 1 in aggro matches, and she's a solid removal option in control matchers. Whatever happens, no matter what deck you are playing as blood, Scarlet Sabreur is a must have due to her utility and bane.




Unarguably, Princess Snow White is the best 2 cost follower in the game. Starting off as a 1/2, she returns to the board as a 2/2 when she dies. While generating a shadow, the reason why Snow White is so good is because she can trade evently into any 3 cost 2/3 such as grimnir, while activating evolve effects for cards such as Heavenly Hound or Golden wings.

Cover Image and Art Images via Shadowverse Portal


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