The Best Selling Mobile Game in May 2017 is Honor of Kings

A game from Tencent, a Chinese company.

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The Best Selling Mobile Game in May 2017 is Honor of Kings

Honor of Kings, a multiplayer online battle arena has recorded the highest amount of downloads worldwide in May 2017. This game comes from China, and is developed by Tencent, one of the leading mobile content creators there. The game has chalked the highest amount of downloads both on Android and the Apple App store.

Honor of Kings has a gameplay similar to other MOBAs, and the main attraction is the character design, including special abilities and more. According to App Annie, the website that tracks app performances, Honor of Kings is the first Chinese game to top the charts worldwide.

Given the fact that the Android app store in China comes in several fragments and is difficult to access, this achievement is particularly interesting. The other top performing games in May 2017 include Monster Strike, Fate/Grand Order, Clash Royale and  Fantasy Westword.

Honor of Kings surprisingly has 50 million players, which actually puts it above Pokemon Go in terms of player quantity. The game involves players battling beasts in a fantasy setting and bears a striking resemblance to League of Legends.

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