The Best Smartphones for Gaming in 2017

Awesome phones make for awesome gaming.

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The Best Smartphones for Gaming in 2017

If you're a mobile gaming enthusiast, you'll know that choosing the right smart phone can make or break your gaming experience. You don't want to end up with one that doesn't have enough space to store large games, and you'll definitely want one with RAM that's fast enough so that your games doesn't lag or hang.

This is why we've compiled a list of the best phones for gaming in 2017 to help you choose your next new phone:

1) Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

The Galaxy 7 Edge comes with a powerful Snapdragon 850 processor and a 4GB RAM which can take on some of the largest and heaviest games out there with ease. There's also the addition of a 3D graphics platform called the Vulcan API that helps lighten the graphic load on the processor and ensure that the games perform fast and well.

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2) Apple iPhone 7

Built into the iPhone 7 is the A10 Fusion chipset which makes sure that fast gaming is a priority. As with previous Apple phones, the graphics are top notch, as is the contact management of the screen. 

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3) OnePlus 5

The OnePlus brand of smartphones is probably one of the best to come out from China, and their latest flagship phone is the OnePlus 5. It's stable and has a good battery life, and there will definitely be no frame drops when you're gaming. Plus it has great heat management and hardly heats up.


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4) Google Pixel

The combination of Google Pixel's Qualcomm SoC and Android Nougat OS makes for a very fast phone and is arguably the best upmarket smart phone in the market today. 

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5) Sony Xperia XZs and Premium

With a 2.5GHZ Quadcore processor, many users still find this a favourite and enjoys top ratings as a gaming phone, as well as its great graphics and handling. The slim and sleek design of the phone makes it really comfortable to hold when you're gaming too.

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