The best weapons in Worms

Worms is filled with whacky weapons, and these are our top 10.

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The best weapons in Worms

1) Super sheep

The only weapon that allows you to traverse through narrow gaps, up hills and down slopes, all with ample amount of time. The super sheep is a weapon of precision and skill.

2) Carpet Bomb

Bouncing carpets that explode upon contact is naturally, a great weapon.

3) Kamikaze

There aren't many ways to show your superiority over your opponent in worms, but Kamikaze exists just for this purpose. At the sacrifice of one of your worms, the worm will fly in a straight line, dealing damage to everything in its way. 

4) Super Banana Bomb

A cluster grenade that splits into 5, each dealing 75hp in a huge radius. The banana and super banana bombs are certain to kill.

5) Holy Hand Grenade

Giant damage, giant radius. Comes with a choir track.

6) Prod

Prod is a one handed push that does no damage, yet it is an essential weapon to kill enemy worms without removing your ground or hurting yourself, while providing ample run time after the move.

Bonus) Girder

There's an option in the game to remove the ability to destroy cover or ground with weapons. In this setting, the Girder shines.

Cover Image via Worms4Mayhem Forums

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